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The Art of Poetry Spoken Here
Original Poetry and Prose for the Soul
also by Lisa M. Cliff

My Prayer and Song©

This is my prayer, this is my song

Make me the woman, tender but strong

Help me to see with love’s pure eyes

Discerning and unafraid to ask why

Grant me a compassionate ear to hear

A humble heart true and sincere

Protect me on my walk of faith

Keep me still when I need to wait

Teach me patience before I run

Bask in the divine grace of the sun

Grant me wisdom along the way

Order my steps as I seize the day

Keep my loved ones safe and secure

Like the old oak tree, strong and sure

Thank You for choosing me as Your child

A humble demonstration of Your smile

Help me to be my best self everyday

All these things I ask and pray

Amen and Ashe’ Ashe’

The Divine Grace of the Sun©


A tall sun flower with its face to the sky

The flit and flitter of a spring butterfly 

Colors of summer that skip and prance

Bumble bees and tulips join in the dance

All in a celebration of the divine grace of the sun

A spectacular display of color, the season has begun

Explosions of reds and yellows, no time for the blues

Grass, trees and human nature all taking their cues

Beckoning us all to come out play in the sun

Showing collective gratitude, praising the One

Of divine wisdom, brilliance and creativity

Producing a gift of vibrant, dazzling, felicity

One that intrinsically connects the entire earth

The rising of the sun signifying divine rebirth

A soulful dance across a sunny meadow

A dignified waltz across the sea aglow

Like a warm hug from a long lost friend

A sun kissed morning makes the day begin

Igniting joy like rock and roll

Awakening bliss deep in the soul

Reflecting the brilliance of Gods own smile

Summoning summer to please stay awhile

Bask in the divine grace of the sun

Collective gratitude praising the One

The perfect glass of honey sweet tea

A respite on a hammock between two trees

Maidens dancing in the garden at sun set

Grandma’s daylilies sets the perfect vignette

Feeling gratitude, I watch and take it in

Embracing the warmth against my skin

Tickled that this same sun, lights the entire earth

From Africa to Asia, offering priceless worth 

Kindred spirits warmly connected as one

Blessed with the divine grace of the sun 

A Time for Closure©

It’s the end of a cycle, a designated time for closure

An honest reflection of the heart’s secret disclosures

The realization of the end of something of significance

Something fought and wept over with heartfelt diligence

Something that once brought joy, perhaps brings sorrow

Weighing heavy today but promises lighter tomorrow

When one door closes, another is sure to open wide

An uncontrollable conclusion with nowhere to hide

The best way to get through it, is to humbly go through it

Acknowledge and surrender, letting God’s spirit heal it

Appreciative of the life experience and lessons learned

Understanding that normalcy will soon be returned

Once you mentally and verbally set the situation free

Believing by faith, expect a full 100% full recovery

Have no expectations for another to offer closure

Go humbly within to find true peace and composure

As a sign of surrender, and willful intention to let go

Do something spiritually symbolic and ceremonial

Letting go of balloons to the wide open air

Or burn a scented candle, then say a prayer

Pray for clarity of only what you need to know

For courage and strength, then simply let it go

It’s the end of a cycle, a cleansing period of closure

A balance of restoration and necessary exposure

Give yourself permission to let go and live free

With an open heart fully embrace new opportunities


Dwelling in the Possibility of Bliss©

When all around me are losing their heads

Hindered by a constant state of dread

Finding myself caught in a brief moment of fear

Then I go inside myself to organize what I hear

Through all the chaos, chatter and confusion

Realizing beyond the façade, is just an illusion

Bliss quietly whispering my name

Reality is a figment of how it’s framed

And then consciously choosing to rise above it all

When bliss rings the bell, I must answer the call

A slave to possibility, a prisoner of hope

An opportunity to push bliss’ envelope

Yes, I choose to dwell in the possibility of bliss

Where inspiration and imagination kiss

Where fairy tales and dreams come alive

Where ingenuity and intention survive

Yes, some may call me Miss Polly Anna

But uber possibility is my Nirvana

And I would prefer to be called “Bliss”

A state of mind in which to reminisce

And look forward to, return and be

Where bliss and creativity run free

When all around me are losing their heads

I consciously seek my bliss instead

Choosing to dwell in the state of possibility

Where blissful dreams come alive and fly free

 Please do the world a favor, find Your bliss!


Blind Faith Fine Art by Lisa M. Cliff, Find Your Bliss!
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