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Thank you so much for your interest in my work. For more information or questions about my original paintings, limited edition prints or my book of art and poetry, "An Umbrella in Case of Rain,"  please contact us at  lisablindfaith@gmail.com.

Please indicate by page title and image number, which painting you are interested in. Each one has a metaphorical or spiritual meaning that I would be happy to share with you.

Galleries/Page Titles & #
Divine Grace of the Sun (1)                                                                            Hearts on Fire (2)                                                                                            Prayers in Earnest (3)
Platinum Prayers (4)
Blind Faith Blinded Perceptions (5)
My Prayer, My Song (6)
Umbrellas of Protection (7)
Ladies in Hats (8)
Pastel Grace (10)
Pastel Bliss (11)
Pastel Warmth (12)

To purchase Lisa's book of art and poetry refer to page 13

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We safely accept every credit card using the "Square" order- on- line link above.

We also accept checks & Pay-Pal; We will also gladly accept your layaway payments. 

For accuracy, again please make a note of the page number and title of the work, when placing your order.

Please sign onto the mailing list so that we can alert you as I add new work, poetry, blog updates and upcoming exhibitions to the site. 

Thanks again for your support of my dream as I will also send prayers that you will seek & find your bliss as well.

Lisa M. Cliff

Email: lisablindfaith@gmail.com

Book of Art & Poetry:  http://anumbrellaincaseofrain.com

Blog site: http://blindfaithbylisa.blogspot.com 

Facebook: www.Facebook/walkbyfaithLisa.com

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