Blind Faith Fine Art,   by Lisa Monique Cliff


“I dreamed the painting and afterwards, I painted the dream”

-Vincent Van Gogh


Artist Statement


I have been creating all my life. Since childhood I have loved art, both creating and observing it. I have been blessed with the ability to recognize beauty in all things as well as the ability to express my creativity in a tangible form. Painting truly is my passion and purpose for being. I honor the process of being able to visualize something in my head and then transform my thought into something profoundly unique; like Van Gogh, I paint what I dream. My work is a way of inviting you, the viewer into my dreams to share in the journey, to participate and become engaged in it (even for a brief moment).


Much like the culture of many African tribes, I believe we have an intrinsic responsibility to our ancestors to use our creative talents to honor God and honor those who have come before us. I feel I have a responsibility to tell my story; to share my gift. I consider it an honor and legacy to share my work with you; placing my mark on the world so that long after I’m gone, you will know that Lisa Monique Cliff, the artist was here. My contribution is to offer works of beauty that will stimulate and touch your heart & soul. Works that will make you think,   feel and ultimately smile that smile that says, "hey I get it!" My goal is to   offer   works of art that exude positive energy that you can identify with and hopefully now call your own.  


Through the years I have participated in the Columbus, OH art scene and have won several awards and honorable mentions. For the last 15 years or so I took a hiatus from the public art scene while I devoted most of my time and effort toward professional business pursuits but I have continued to produce art quietly behind the scenes. Being obedient to my inner spirit, I feel now is the time to unfold my wings like the butterfly and fly free towards creative pursuits.                      


The Creative Process


In creating art, I feel I am being obedient to the still small voice of the divine. It is a spiritual process; I like to put on some candles & smooth jazz and work for hours undisturbed. It can be compared to an athlete “in the zone”, you just feel compelled to do what you do until you’re done and only you can determine when it is you’re really done. My two favorite mediums are pastels & acrylics; both offer intensive color and are highly adaptable for introducing light and shadows. You could call my style “inspired realism.”   My favorite subjects are people experiencing everyday common moments, but it is my aspiration to capture the uncommon essence of that moment; to reflect the pure romanticism of everyday life.


Why Blind Faith?


Blind Faith is my signature character. I painted the original “Blind Faith” about 17 years ago. She has been my constant companion ever since. Blind Faith is a reflection of me and just about every woman I have ever met; she represents what I see as the true female essence. She is somewhat of a contradiction; her spirit reflects a quiet wisdom yet a subtle naiveté’; extraordinary strength yet a gentle fragility. Blind Faith reminds us to be ever observant listening for that still small voice but to love like we’ve never been hurt and to be true to ourselves in the life and experinces we create, remembering that God has a divine plan for each of us. While it is important to “be” in the moment, we need to walk by faith and not by sight. Blind faith is to believe without true understanding but trust God to lead and guide us in all matters. Even when we can’t see or understand where He is leading us.



Thank you for allowing me to be true to myself and to share my world with you, please enjoy!            


Blind Faith Fine Art by Lisa M. Cliff, Find Your Bliss!
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